Pipe Boxing (Square Corner)

The Zylo ‘BX’ Pipe Boxing range is manufactured in two or three sided configurations, a wide variety of sizes and is complimented throughout with a comprehensive array of fittings.

Zylo Pipe Boxings are manufactured from 9mm moisture resistant FSC® certified MDF with in a light white laminate over finish.

The choice of materials allows for the boxing to be eco friendly, suitable for humid areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, and is also tested to European fire safety standards.

The full range of Pipe Boxings can be painted, decorated, tiled or plastered allowing to aesthetically blend building services access routes into the building structure.

All boxings can be cut, drilled and mitred cleanly with minimal joinery skills making the BX range a simple, fast track solution for all your encasement needs.

Typical uses include: the formation of bulkheads, for hiding ductwork, down lighting and electric cables boxing in fire sprinkler systems, building services encasements and the concealment of building structure irregularities.